Park Forest Middle School – First Place at Pennsylvania MATHCOUNTS

First place - Park Forest med

Twenty-four teams from across the Commonwealth met at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey on March 8, racing against time and peers to claim top place in the Pennsylvania MATHCOUNTS competition.

Aaron Li (7th Grade), Jack Piazza (7th Grade), Julian Sim (7th Grade) and Thomas Sowers (8th Grade), from Park Forest Middle School in State College, coached by Rebekah Sjoberg and Susan Owens, claimed first place.

A huge thank you to members of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers and sponsors – Shell, Pennoni, Pennsylvania Engineering Foundation, Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association, and PPG Foundation – for bringing this premier event together for the students.

PSPE Targets Industrial Exemption for Removal

You know that engineers are in a position to affect public safety and welfare every minute of every day. They touch every aspect of critical infrastructure – bridges, power, medicine, food, drinking water, airplanes and so much more that it cannot possibly be listed here. In order to be licensed, an engineering graduate must first meet rigorous educational requirements, and then meet ongoing education and training requirements. In addition, engineers licensed in Pennsylvania  are held to high ethical standards by law. However, did you know that most engineers aren’t even licensed to practice? While there are several reasons why licensure isn’t always required of engineers, the most common by far is the “industrial exemption.” Industry is not required to use licensed engineers for engineering work related to products, even if those products directly affect the public’s safety. PSPE is taking the lead on changing that. House Bill 1447 removes the industrial exemption. 

The bill, introduced by Representative Marc Gergely, a member of the House Professional Licensure committee, also removes a number of other exemptions from the law including the exemption for licensees of other states working in PA for less than 30 days and the exemption for work performed on private property.  House Bill 1447 also changes the protected title in the law from “engineer” to “professional engineer.” That means graduate engineers would be allowed to use the title “engineer” but only those licensed could use “professional engineer.” Another proposed  terminology change would replace “engineer in training” to “engineer intern”.  The NCEES model law now recommends the “engineer intern” title for those that have passed the fundamentals exam.

This legislation presently resides in the House Professional Licensure committee.  PSPE has requested that a public hearing be held on the legislation to help committee members better understand the need for this change.  You can support the effort by contacting your legislators to ask for their support.  Just click on the link below which takes you to PSPE’s Legislative Action Center where you can easily send an e-mail to your state Representative and Senator.  Background information and a sample letter are there for your convenience and you can also look up who your legislators are by simply entering your address.  Now that transportation funding has been enacted, this issue is at the top of the Society’s legislative agenda for 2014.  Please act today by following this link: http://www.capwiz.com/nspe/issues/alert/?alertid=62873151&type=ST.


 Legislative Summary February 2014

Retired Engineers Status

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed legislation that will allow retired professional engineers, land surveyors and geologists to obtain a “retired” license. This new category of license will exempt the licensee from needing to meet mandated continuing education requirements. The new license does not permit the retired licensee to practice. If the licensee intends to return to active practice, then the licensee must complete the number of professional development hours required for each year exempted, not to exceed the annual requirement for two years.
Contact the State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists directly to apply for this status.
Phone (717) 783-7049 | ST-ENGINEER@pa.gov

EIT/PE Review Courses

The Pittsburgh Chapter of PSPE sponsors review courses twice yearly for both the Engineer in Training (EIT/FE) and Professional Engineer (civil discipline) exams. These courses meet one evening per week to complement the semiannual examinations administered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Click here for details.

Licensing Information

(You will be redirected to the Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists.)

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